Resealing UK Probate in Australia

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Let’s face it, most of us do not like to think or talk about death. While most investors would pay a big amount in exchange for some certainty about the future, when we face something as certain as death we do not take the recommended steps. Making a will is a clever decision when it […]

Renting Properties in Spain

This 1st of March, the Spanish government approved a new decree-law to regulate the renting of housing. Its name: Real Decreto-ley 7/2019, de 1 de marzo, de medidas urgentes en materia de vivienda y alquiler. Let’s take a quick look at it. The Background – Spanish Renting Market Traditionally, Spain is a country of house […]

Recognition of UK probate grants With regard to probates, the UK only has three jurisdictions: England and Wales Northern Ireland Scotland Hence, for a deceased person who was domiciled in any of these jurisdictions but had assets in another, one grant is required. The grant is obtained in the jurisdiction where the deceased died domiciled […]

How does Probate resealing work? Let us take a typical case of an individual domiciled in Australia and passes away leaving his registered home and bank accounts in London. The UK land registry can not recognise the Australian letters of executorship nor will the financial institution recognise it. So what can be done? This is […]

Resealing UK Probate in Australia When someone has passed, and they have assets in other countries, it can feel like an absolute hassle to deal with. If someone does have assets in Australia, then they’ll need to be freed up so they can be either sold or given over to the beneficiary. This is a […]

The Medallion Guarantee has a number of different names, including the Medallion Stamp, the Medallion Signature, and the Gold Medallion – however, whatever you choose to call it, it is important to know what it is all about, and what it means for you. The Medallion Guarantee was introduced after the atrocities of 9/11 in […]

Why move money to Jersey? Given recent media stories such as the “Paradise Papers” investigation, you may have heard about offshore accounts and tax avoidance. Even if you haven’t, you’ve perhaps wondered if it’s possible to get a better rate of return on investments or savings you may have. So in all likelihood, you may […]

Why Is Professional Translation of Your Legal Documents Important? Although it might be tempting to use translation technology and programs when it comes to translating your documents from one language to another, having a proper professional do the work is actually a lot better. It might cost you more, but you will know that it […]

What Is An Apostille Certificate? An apostille certificate is a useful thing. It’s a certificate that is issued for documents so that they can be recognised in member states, and won’t be subject to additional checks and legislation. Usually, the apostille certificate will be issued by the state where the document comes from. Once an […]

Resealing Australia Probate The probate process entails proving and registering the last will of a deceased person in the Supreme Court. It is the obligation of the executor of the deceased person’s will to administer their estate and oversee the process of disposing of their debts and assets. A probate court is a special kind […]