Whether Resealing a UK Probate overseas or an Overseas Probate in the UK we can help.

What is Resealing Probate?

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Resealing UK Probate Overseas

If a person dies and they have assets held outside of the UK, and that country is recognised under the United Kingdom the Colonial Probate Act, then the UK Grant of probate can be resealed in that country. This simplifies the probate process in that country. Contact us for help.
We have suppliers overseas that can help. We can also provide a recommendation if you need to apostille documents before resealing.

Resealing foreign probate in the UK

In the same way as a UK Probate can be resealed overseas. If Probate has been granted overseas, then provided that country is part of the UK Colonial Probate Act, the foreign probate can be resealed through the UK Courts. Resealing simply implies the affixation of a seal to a document that has already been sealed.
For probate practitioners, Resealing probate simply means affixing the seal to foreign grants of representation to be recognised in the English and Welsh court system.

When can Probate be resealed?

Current and former Commonwealth countries are the only countries in which probate can be resealed, this is because these countries share a constitutional history and therefore have very similar common judicial law systems.
If a person dies in any of the countries recognised under the Colonial Probates Act and leaves his assets registered in the UK, it is common for a Grant of Probate that has been issued by the local court not to gain recognition by the UK asset holder. In this regards, resealing is the fastest way of gaining recognition within the UK. Once the probate has been resealed, the executor can access the assets in the UK.

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